Holive Honey

Holive Honey
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The three varieties we choose to offer you are Forest Polyflower honey, Pine Wood honey and Flower & Thyme honey.

Pine wood honey

It is distinguished by a special flavor and it demonstrates a high nutritional value compared to the rest.

Forest polyflower honey

It is derived from the nectars of a great variety of flowers, is unique in taste and it has a distinctive floral aroma.

Flower & Thyme honey

It is very rare and it is distinguished for its strong aroma and its unique taste.  Having a light glowing amber, it is among the best quality types of honey available.

Our company offers exclusively Honey of High Quality. Holive Honey is derived from Greek Wild Nature Bees, showing great respect to the environment. Holive Honey is 100% natural as it comes directly from the bee hive without any alterations or any additions of chemicals and other ingredients. We demand that all our suppliers be Certified with ISO 9002, HACCP ELOT 1416, ISO9001 and ISO 22000.

We make sure that our honey remains unchanged in quality and taste from production to consumption. Standardization is constantly controlled and every batch of the final product is analyzed by Certified Quality Control Laboratories.

Holive Honey