Holive Greek OLIVES     Natulal     Vegan

Olives is a key feature of the Mediterranean diet either as olive oil or plain in salads or as a snack. It is a wonderful source of Monounsaturated fatty acids.

 Contains Vitamin E which is a NATURAL antioxidant and is thought to slow down cell membrane damage and fight osteoporosis.






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Vacuum Packaging 250gr

Green olives

"Halkidiki" type olives are grown almost exclusively in Halkidiki.

 This variety produces fruits of large cylindrical shape and because of this they are ideal for filling with almond, chili peppers, garlic, lemon, etc. The average weight of the fruit ranges between 4 to 14 gr , but most often between 6 and 10 gr.

Suggested use: In salad they are also a very good and nutritious snack for the day.


Mixed Olives

This type of olives are cultivated mainly in Central Greece.

They have a special round shape which is the feature of this variety.

We find them in green or black.

Suggested use:   In salad. They are also a very good and nutritious snack for the day.


Kalamata Olives



These olives are cultivated in the Peloponnese, specifically in the wider area of ​​Kalamata.

 By removing the core we enjoy the rich and fruity flesh of the olive. The color of the fruit is dark to black.

Suggested use:  It will be an amazing factor in your salad to offer you an amazing combination of flavors.

Ideal  combination with pasta, with fish. They are also enjoyed plain as a snack.


Olives with Herbs.


Olives of any type can be combined with various spices.

These combinations offer an amazing "explosion" of flavors and aromas for your palate.The best way to enjoy garnished olives is exclusively in your salad, as adding them, the flavors of the garnish will spread to the salad itself, giving you the ultimate taste experience.