Pomace Olive Oil Greece

Olive pomace oil is extracted after the first centrifugation of the olive paste that produces the extra virgin and virgin olive oil. So pomace oil is a refined product that comes from the processing of the olive kernel and the flesh .

Pomace oil has a pale yellow to golden colour and the taste is similar with the refined virgin olive oil (classic).


Cost of Olive Pomace Oil:

Pomace oil is the most economical olive oil. It is preferred by importers all around the world like Europe, U.S. and Asia, because the demand is high. If you are an importer of greek foods & pomace oil you can contanct us to discuss about estimated prices and quantities.


Uses of Pomace Olive Oil:

Pomace olive oil it can be used:

  • For cooking
  • For frying
  • In pastry
  • In bakery
  • As dressing in salads

Also due to the high burning point 240 C° it can be used up to 3-4 times


Health Benefits Pomace Oil:

Pomace oil has high oleic because it comes from olive oil. Due to that it excels in quality from all seed oils.

Olive oil's benefits to our health is widely known. Pomace oil as product that is produced from olive oil the same health benefits:

  • High in monounsaturated fats, which are known as "good fats"
  • Low in saturated fats, which are know as "bad fats"
  • Helps in reducing the cholesterol
  • High in

Packaging Options for Exports:

Each packaging are suitable for different occasion. The marasca 1lt is suitable for trading, if you are a distributor and you are looking for a product that you want to trade with your local super markets it will be the perfect option. Same suggestion for the pet bottle 1lt. 

Now the packaging of 5lt pet bottle, it will be the perfect match for your restaurant or for you that you have contracts with restaurants and they want a frying oil that will be high quality but cost-effective. Below you can see photos from our packages:

1 lt pomace olive oil marasca glass bottle  1lt   Glass   Bottle   Marasca
1 lt pomace olive oil pet bottle  1 lt Plastic Bottle PET
5lt pomace olive oil  5 lt Plastic Bottle PET

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