What makes extra virgin olive oil special ?

What makes extra virgin olive oil special ?

We all know that Greek olive oil is one of the best. But did you know that extra virgin olive oil has properties that make it stand out from other olive oils? .

Qualities of Olive Oil

In fact we use the word "excellent" to specify the grade and quality of olive oil which is the best. Lower grades consist of:

  • Virgin olive oil
  • Kernel oil
  • Classic Olive Oil (consisting of Refined Oils)
  • Other categories are:
  • Green olive oil
  • Biological culture
  • Aromatic Oils

How do we check an olive oil and classify it in a quality level?

But let's go back to extra virgin olive oil, to get this title it is subject to chemical analysis and tasting by special bodies. If the characteristics are according to the specifications of the title then we call it "extra virgin".

The main characteristic that is examined is the acidity of the olive oil which must be up to 0.8% and it is also checked for the amount of polyphenols.

How do we extract olive oil from the olive tree?

The methods of extraction are mainly done by mechanical means.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Harvesting fruit and transporting it to the mill
  • Cleaning of foreign matter (leaves, branches, soil, etc.)
  • Grinding the fruit from which we will create the olive paste
  • Fermentation of the paste, where it is important to maintain the temperature of the fermentation up to 25 degrees Celsius, as this way we keep the final product (olive oil) in high quality and high nutritional value
  • We separate the olive oil from the core and other additional liquids with a special machine and centrifugation
  • Finally, we store it and pack it in plastic bottles, glass or tins of 4 liters or more


An olive oil to be characterized as extra virgin must go through specific procedures. The main characteristics that make it stand out from the rest of the grades are the acidity, the taste and the way of production. The most important thing is the way of production, because it all starts with it. With a good and careful way of production, we will have olive oil with low acidity, high nutritional value and amazing taste, suitable for a healthy diet.