Private Label

In private label service you have the ability to create your ideal brand , create your own name, labels, colours, text e.t.c and we offer you our high quality extra virgin olive oil and a variety of packages to choose from.

Find the packaging that suits you most, we will prepare it with your own labels and we will deliver it to you on time, so you can start your new business as fast as you can.

Our Packages that we offer are the following and further below you will find some examples of our bottles


  • Marasca Bottle 1lt & 500ml (Glass Packaging Square)
  • Dorica Bottle 500ml (Glass Packaging Round)
  • PET Bottle 1lt & 3lt ( High Quality Plastic Square Bottle)
  • TIN 3lt & 4lt ( Square Packaging)
  • TIN 1lt, 500ml, 250ml ( Round Packaging )