Tasting Visit for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In Greece we are very welcome people, so to show our quality we accepted a visit from a sweden group of people that wanted to taste our unique olive oil.

Our Sweden friends enjoyed a very insightful presentation, from our host Mr Lazaros, about the origin of olive oil, the differences with other vegetable oil, the differences between the methods of the extraction process etc.

After the presentation our fellow visitors tasted our extra virgin olive oil where during the tasting we continued to explain what makes it unique. In addition we served them honey from 3 different varieties pinewood, polyfloral and last but not least thyme.

Finally we left for the end a short presentation about our Natural Soaps which are made from our extra virgin olive oil and they are free of chemicals and gmos.

Our fellow visitors before they leave they recieved a present bag with our products and we took some family photos so both us and they remember this very pleasing visit .